The Risk of Payments Fraud
is Real

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Payments Fraud Risk Factors

How does your organization stack up against these fraud risk factors?

Have a complex or decentralized organizational structure?

Lack standardized processes – especially for payments – with multiple hands on-deck?

Have little to no integration of your ERP systems or other backend systems?

Missing straight-through processing for data integrity?

Use multiple e-banking systems with little to no transparency across those systems?

Use different types of payment methods?

Using payment devices that have not been secured properly?

Have no consistent security strategy or execution?

Fraud Prevention Starts In House

Effective payments fraud prevention requires a cross-bank, cross-system platform that automates key workflows, enforces business rules and allows for multiple levels of security, access control and authentication.

The TIS outbound payments platform empowers companies to prevent fraud by:


Setting Up Basic Controls

by segregating duties


Standardizing Payment Workflows

and routing these through a single payments gateway


Managing a Multi-Tier Approval Process

through the appropriate designation of signature authority

Intelligent Fraud Detection


Fraud prevention alone is not enough.

Effective fraud detection requires a level of innate artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning capabilities to spot patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.


The ideal fraud solution will encompass both...

fraud prevention and fraud detection in a single platform – one that spans banks, systems and departments and is fully aligned with your enterprise payments processes.


The TIS outbound payment platform...

empowers companies to prevent and detect payment fraud by replacing manual processes – and the potential for human error and interference – with secure, transparent and efficient outbound payment processing.

Partnering with TIS on Payments Fraud

With more than a decade of innovation in outbound payment optimization, TIS is uniquely positioned to deliver rapid connectivity across global bank accounts, treasury and ERP systems. Our cloud architecture and open API platform accelerates connectivity – creating a seamless payment optimization layer across departments, vendors, payment systems, bank accounts, geographies and currencies. The result: a comprehensive solution for payments fraud prevention and detection.




ERP connections


where payments are initiated


bank connections


unique payment profiles



Client Succes

Learn how other global corporations are conquering the bank account management challenge with TIS.


Using a specialist payments solution with a TMS has helped transform Adecco Group’s treasury, easing connectivity between users, systems and banks.


Forecasting is only as good as the data behind it. GCPAT benefits from TIS’ superior bank connectivity to build end-to-end integration for cash management.

Nintendo of Europe

The user-friendly cloud-based TIS harmonizes bank communication, improving transparency and simplifying user management at Nintendo of Europe.

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