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Cost reduction is a crucial driver in the global shift to cloud technology.

As a CFO, you’re keenly aware that every organizational change comes at a cost. It’s challenging enough to transform the way people and processes operate. To accelerate digitization, you must also balance the rewards against compliance, fraud and regulatory risks. Cash flows are the lifeblood of your business, so digitizing and optimizing both inbound and outbound payments processes are a high-value place to start.

The TIS Outbound Payments Solution

A powerful cloud-based hub for enterprise payment networks, the TIS outbound payments platform accelerates global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers. TIS helps CFOs instill a continuous improvement lifecycle for outbound payments – connect, collaborate, pay, analyze, improve – that spans the treasury, accounting, HR and compliance functions.

Leading organizations trust TIS technology to deliver accurate bank account and cash flow insights in real-time – insights that reduce risk while enhancing agility, transparency and collaboration.

The Value of Enterprise Payment Optimization

All stakeholders involved in enterprise payments benefit from real-time data insights to inform decision-making and forecasting. For the CFO, the true value of TIS surpasses cost reduction. Our dynamic, connected outbound payments platform empowers you to:

Manage, standardize and automate global bank account and payments data through a single source

Make strategic decisions based on reliable insights and drive business growth

Reduce security risks by increasing transparency and compliance

Capitalize on best practices and TIS’ unique Enterprise Payment Optimization framework to transform the Finance function



Central Cash management

Standardize business processes and liquidity planning.


Secure Payments

Minimize errors through transparency and automation.


Detailed Analysis

Optimize global strategies with real-time data insights.


Streamlined Reporting

Improve data processing efficiency with business intelligence.

Delivering Strategic Value to CFOs


Advanced Data Analytics

Informing business decisions and ensuring strategic agility to create value and growth.


Fraud Prevention and Risk Management

Merging infrastructure, principles and technology to defend against fraud effectively.


Peer Community

Sharing solutions and best practices for digital investment review and governance, digital business performance management, RPA and cloud-based ERP.


Native Cloud Technology

Accelerating global connectivity and enabling a true digital transformation.

Expand your Global Reach

Founded in 2010 as Treasury Intelligence Solutions, we’re realizing our vision of a fully connected world of payments. Now as TIS, we’ve expanded beyond treasury, serving a global community of market leaders that are leveraging our expertise and innovative technology to future-proof outbound payments functions.

The Proof is in the Results

Leaders with similar challenges have leveraged TIS expertise and technology for successful digital transformation. Their results:

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Leading global organizations trust TIS for cloud expertise to transform their cash management and payments systems. Take a closer look:

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