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A whole new category of business transformation is emerging – Enterprise Payment Optimization.

Inbound and outbound payments represent a significant percentage of overall cash flows for global corporations. As a result, organizations worldwide are increasing their focus on optimizing payment processes and payment transactions.

There are endless benefits to optimizing payments – including greater efficiency, reduced cost, lower fraud risk, improved compliance and better cash flow management. The result: improved liquidity and better global cash flow insights fuel stronger corporate performance.

Achieving Enterprise Payment Optimization

At TIS, we believe that achieving Enterprise Payment Optimization is critical to a corporation’s long-term success and sustainability. That’s why we’ve built a technology platform that enables five key capabilities essential to payment optimization – connect, collaborate, pay, analyze and improve.

Explore how these critical payment capabilities enable a continuous improvement lifecycle.

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lower risk and effectively manage your global cash flows

Accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers. Learn more

Enable seamless collaboration across departments, vendors and banks Learn more

Execute secure payment transactions worldwide from a single dashboard Learn more

Monitor, manage and analyze bank accounts, compliance, cash flows and payees Learn more

Better manage liquidity, lower risk and improve payment processes Learn more

  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Pay
  • Analyze
  • Improve

Creating a Technology Layer to Support Enterprise Payment Optimization

Most global organizations struggle to align all of the payments and cash flow functions in the organization on single technology platform – this results in gaps between departments as well as system and data silos. These gaps put your organization at risk of fraud, cash flow lags, on compliance and less than optimal performance. The TIS payments platform creates a layer across your organization that aligns and synchronizes payments processes, systems and data.

Levels of Enterprise Payment Optimization

Decreasing uncertainty, inefficiency and reactivity


Siloed processes, people, systems and data.

Enable Manageability


Alignment of systems and data with documented payment processes

Enable Collaboration


Shared systems and data enable payment process efficiency and collaboration across departments



Seamless payments ecosystem enables agility and liquidity for strategic advantage

Increasing visibility, efficiency and innovation

Through a combination of technology and best practices, TIS can help you with every step of your journey toward enterprise payment optimization.

Explore Success Stories


Learn how other global organizations are tackling the enterprise payment
optimization challenge with TIS.


A complete ERP integration helped Fugro centralize, standardize and automate payments and gain visibility in the process.

Nintendo of Europe

The user-friendly cloud-based TIS harmonizes bank communication, improving transparency and simplifying user management at Nintendo of Europe.

Sport Group

With TIS, Sport Group established straight-through processing and created full cash visibility, best supporting its rapid growth strategy.

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