How does TIS handle complex financial operations? Quickly and efficiently!

The bundling of recurring payments, flexible adjustment of SSC and ERP roll-out projects, increased process safety. That is TIS.

How you benefit

Better processes

TIS automates and standardises all payment processes – on a single, user-friendly web-based platform. You work significantly faster and more efficiently than with the heterogeneous systems that you have deployed to date.

More security

Standardising all payment processes considerably reduces compliance and fraud risks. All payments and authorisations can be managed and evaluated in real time at the push of a button.

Greater efficiency

Standardised processes and automated workflows significantly cut the time and manpower required for each transaction. Utilise the resources you save for further strategic improvements, and to develop your department.

Attractive price model

Along with a fixed annual service fee, with TIS you pay according to the pay-per-use model. Expensive investments in rapidly ageing software and related system-integration become a thing of the past as a consequence.

What our users say

The Rollout of BAM from TIS has been smooth and efficient. The technical skills but also the open attitude of the partner dedicated to our project have been key success factors. The professional and flexible approach of the TIS team perfectly fits the SWISS way of working and helped to address our needs on time and as planned. When you know what you need and find a partner who speaks the same language, you’re on good track to success.

Cédric Suchet, Head of Treasury & Risk Management, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

What our users say

With the TIS platform we can automate and centralise the payment processes with our national and international banks. If connections between the bank and the ERP system are fully automated then everything is documented, replicable and open to scrutiny. This rules out the risks inherent in manual interventions. There’s a whole host of efficient systems for individual tasks, but the TIS solution brings together by far the broadest functionality.

Michael Haas, group manager for system design and interfaces in DACHSER’s Finance, Legal & Tax department

What our users say

Implementing the TIS BAM and BTM solutions (TIS Cloud Platform) has made a big difference to our ability to monitor and analyse payments and bank accounts throughout the firm. The ability to collect and analyse data in real time is a priority for BearingPoint, hence why I am partnering with TIS to adopt their new BI solution.

Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer, BearingPoint

What our users say

In the past, the diverse manual steps presented a potential source of risk and error. Since we introduced TIS, our entire payment runs are fully automated and standardised, which makes our work much easier and increases efficiency. Given that Swissgrid is a system-relevant company in Switzerland, for us the security aspects of an Electronic Banking solution is relevantly high. TIS completely fulfils these requirements.

Andreas Lützelschwab, Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury & Tax, Swissgrid AG

RUN THE NUMBERS, SEE YOUR SAVINGS Spend a minute to calculate your savings.

Our calculator quantifies the potential savings for companies that use TIS as their payment solution. Save money on the transactions you already process – and increase visibility and efficiency across all payment flows.

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