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Success with cash management.

How does cash management work? Who is it for, anyway? And what does cash management have to do with a company’s success or failure? Find out everything you need to know about cash management.



What is cash management?

Cash management is the active, target-oriented planning of a company’s liquidity. Especially for companies with several locations worldwide, cash management is crucial for success, making it indispensable. Imagine a company with offices in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Dublin and New York: four cities in four different countries, and each location has its own accounts and currencies at local banks. The bookkeeping is also managed regionally and the accounts are completed once a year. Ultimately, this leads to non-transparent liquidity and a high risk for the company. And this is where cash management comes in: optimal cash management centralizes all accounts on a single platform, allowing liquidity to be managed transparently.


How does optimal cash management work?

To secure liquidity and achieve the highest level of efficiency in payment transactions, all important financial data such as accounts and banks, account statements and authorized persons are centralized on one platform.

This not only gives you an overview, but also enables business intelligence to analyze your finances comprehensively.

By centralizing the data, it is now possible to identify liquidity fluctuations and react accordingly with measures to cover liquidity deficits or by creating liquidity surpluses. To accomplish this, platforms such as the TIS Bank Account Manager display all cash positions on a dashboard, and you can transparently view the holdings of each company via Filter Cash & Dept.

At any time, it should be possible to retrieve the liquidity position in real-time or to have the historical data analyzed by business intelligence. In this way, you can talk about all cash positions in meetings, and you can quickly identify different use cases, such as when a company has overdrawn a credit line. This allows you to act faster and identify potential at the right time.

Imagine being able to see all the cash inflow and outflow figures across your entire corporation. With the Cash Management solution from TIS you can, for example, carry out working capital analyses and view the cash flow by currency, organization, structure or bank country. This allows you to constantly optimize and quickly identify risks. And thus stabilize your entire company.

Bank transactions should be divided by volume and number. In addition, the cash flows are checked and filtered by categories such as treasury, salary or tax payments. TIS allows you to meet the daunting challenge of controlling all payment transactions by eliminating automation and visualizing all data visually, thus simplifying transaction management.

Centralization, automation and analyses by business intelligence secure liquid funds and protect companies from significant losses. A further security measure provided by TIS is currency risk management, which enables companies with foreign currencies to convert the USD cash flow, for example, directly into EUR. This enables you to identify losses incurred by banks more quickly and to know which measures need to be taken.


Effects of cash management

Advantages & savings potential of Cash Management

Cash Management has many advantages, and ultimately it allows you to fully exploit the potential of liquid funds. Treasurers in particular can finally concentrate on the really important areas of their work.

  1. Control due to transparency
  2. Optimum use of liquidity
  3. Reduction of bank-related costs
  4. Compensation of currency risks
  5. Stabilization of your cash flow

How much savings potential does your company have?

When was the last time you updated your cash management?

With TIS you can reorganise your existing finances completely. We would be happy to advise you on its use and support you in optimizing your cash management.

One solution, five modules: This is the TIS payment factory

TIS Bank Account Manager

The TIS payment factory consists of five modules. The basis of the module solution is the TIS Bank Account Manager that first organizes, standardizes, and then centralizes your payment transactions. Depending on your needs, you can also integrate four additional modules into the base module of the corporate management solution and completely automate your payment transactions.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager

Automate all payment flows and regulate your transactions.

TIS Bank Statement Manager

The latest analyses: What is the status of your capital and liquidity holdings?

TIS Business Discovery Manager

Cash flow analyses in real time: Decisions made on the basis of your most up-to-date data.

TIS Sanction Screening

100% compliance via daily screening and extra security precautions.


Do it like MAN + HUMMEL!

“We were able to fully standardize our processes, significantly improve process and audit security, and have complete, up-to-the-minute information on our company-wide bank accounts.

Roland Weidele, Treasury Manager, MANN+HUMMEL GMBH