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TIS Summer Academy

We are excited to present four topics that have to do with both payments and TIS. Please join us for a short, but interesting learning experience and a chance to win some great prizes.


How does it work?

In order to be entitled to an academy degree, you must choose two subjects from the options below. Each topic consists of a webcast and a content piece. Watch and read each carefully.
At the end, you will receive an email with a link to a quiz which will test your knowledge.

All academy participants with the correct answers are entitled to win one of ten Amazon vouchers worth EUR 250. We look forward to welcoming you to the TIS Summer Academy!

1. Webinar

Choose one session from the ones below and get started with the academy.

2. Content

Study the second asset of the session carefully and get valuable insights.

3. Quiz

Take the quiz after each session and test your knowledge about payments.

4. Win

You have to complete two sessions out of four to be entitled to win a prize.

Get started now!

Choose one of the sessions below and dive into the world of payments and TIS. Enjoy the TIS Summer Academy.


Right now, it is even more important than ever to focus on fraud prevention. Please view the webinar about creating awareness for payment fraud and the corresponding content item.

Sanction Screening

Government-imposed sanctions on who companies can trade with and how, are changing almost on a daily basis. The webinar and content item will give you valuable insights into this complex topic as well as recommendations from our expert.

Treasury Trends and Insights

What does the current situation mean for AP, AR and cash forecasting? Discover how to leverage technology to redefine “business as usual”. In addition, get insights from the experts on how to run corporate treasury both effectively and efficiently.

Cash Visibility

What does working remotely mean for cash management? How can treasury professionals effectively manage cash? Find out in this session. Moreover, get more background information about how important cash visibility is to make the right strategic decisions.

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