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Success Story – Oettinger Davidoff

Centralization where it makes sense

The Group Treasury of Oettinger Davidoff AG, based in Basel and responsible for all companywide financing, issues guarantees
centrally. As a Financial Shared Service Center, it also organizes all aspects of cash management, including bank administration for
Swiss citizens and several German subsidiaries. Although there is no payment center or cash pool, a monthly intercompany netting
is performed.

Since late 2016 the Group has been taking preliminary steps to fundamentally consolidate the existing ERP landscape. The SAP
system that has been used for many years is being replaced, along with other local ERP solutions, with SAP S/4HANA – a new ERP
greenfield venture that Oettinger Davidoff considers an opportunity to also centralize its payment transactions and to manage
other accounts in addition to the accounts of the Shared Service Center from a single site. As a platform, the SAP-integrated TIS
solution has been used since early 2017 with the Bank Account Manager, Bank Statement Manager and Bank Transaction Manager.

„With the new S/4HANA plugin from TIS we will now have far more options for querying information for the treasury“, according to
Oliver Lindemann, VP Group Treasury & GM Pension Fund at Oettinger Davidoff. The company chose TIS as a payment transaction
platform because of its close SAP integration with simultaneous format hosting through TIS. The SAP department will now be able
to successively move more and more accounts to SAP with much less time and effort. Internationalization and centralization wherever
it makes sense – this is the goal Oettinger Davidoff seeks to achieve by implementing the SAP-integrated TIS platform.

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