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Security and Certification
Transparent information – with security.

Payment data is particularly sensitive, which is why TIS is particularly secure. In order to give you maximum security, our software is regularly tested and has been certified several times over.


ISO 27001 certification

Resilient information technology and clear structures.

SWIFT certification

Safeguarded worldwide by using the SWIFT network.

SAP certification

Awarded the SAP SE quality seal.

SSL encryption

Cryptographic encryption of your payment data.

ISO 27001 certification.

Continuous information security.

TIS information security management has a structure and order and has therefore been certified with the ISO 27001 standard. We follow clear guidelines for thus ensuring that it meets the latest requirements at all times. We thereby minimize the risk of attacks from hackers, data loss, and misuse. Because security is an integral part of our corporate culture. Just as availability, confidentiality and integrity are. Standard requirements are firmly anchored in our daily business so that they can take their full effect and we can keep your data optimally safe.

SWIFT certification.

Global information security.

TIS uses the SWIFT telecommunications network in order to guarantee complete security. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) handles all the financial transactions of more than 8,000 banks in over 200 countries. SWIFT certification enables you to connect with local and global banks through the SWIFT network for your cash management. This certification is awarded after successful technical and functional validations by SWIFT experts. TIS is listed on the SWIFT Certified Applications Finder.

SAP certification.

Straightforward information security.

The whole TIS has been officially certified by SAP SE and has the quality seal “SAP Certified – Integration with SAP Applications”. With the certification, SAP SE confirms that, from the point of view of , the SaaS solutions from TIS are compatible with the SAP Business Suite and can be seamlessly integrated with the SAP ERP systems. Because a straightforward and secure integration with your ERP system is the prerequisite for successful bank management.

SOC 2 reports.

Regular internal checks on the most important security principles.

Service Organization Control (SOC) reports are overarching and standardized rules issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in order to check service providers like TIS according to defined rules. The SOC 2 report specializes particularly in checks based on the following criteria:

Security against unauthorized access to the system.

Availability of the system.

Data processing which is exact, complete and authorized.

Confidentiality of information that has to be protected.

Data protection of personal data.

This ensures that predefined criteria can be checked and compared with various check times. For you this means: TIS is regularly externally checked. And your data can enjoy full security.

SSL encryption.

Encoded data for complete information security.

So that your payment data is completely secure, accessing it via the software interface is only possible with an SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and has become synonymous for the encryption of online data flows. This means that the web-based software can only be accessed in a protected manner. All payment data is encrypted with a cryptographic code and can only be decrypted on the verified server with the fixed installed key.

Additional security measures.

Because certifications alone are not enough, we pay attention to overall monitoring of the infrastructure and continually gather information about the network, server, operating system, and application layer.  In addition, regular internal audits, risk assessments, and detailed internal documentation regarding security-related issues ensure the highest industrial security standards for all processes.

Are you protected?

TIS Bank Account Manager

So much for our security precautions. How does it look at your company? The TIS Bank Account Manager allows you to have a transparent, centralized, and fully automated payment process. This enables you to keep an eye on all your figures and to reduce the risk of errors caused by manual and complex work to a minimum. Combined with our modules, you can make full use of our cash management solution.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager

Regulate the central administration of all business transactions.

TIS Bank Statement Manager

Analyze your capital and cash position quickly and easily.

TIS Business Discovery Manager

Cash flow analyses in real time. For better decisions.

TIS Sanction Screening

Scan your payment transactions to achieve 100 % compliance.


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