Digitalizing treasury with a best-of-breed ecosystem

Leverage the expertise of multiple specialists with seamless API integration and cloud technology

1. Advantages of specialist vendors compared to All-in-One solutions for treasury

2. How seamless data flow through API integration can deliver better user experience and faciliate strategic business decisions

3. How to set up a best-of-breed solution that is tailored to your company’s treasury needs and future growth

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"Cloud-based solution providers, connected through APIs, enable customers to choose the best solution for each specific need without lengthy and costly IT projects."

Erol Bozak
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at TIS


Digitalization in Treasury

Discover how you can skillfully use digitalization to play a greater strategic role in your company.



Treasury Dragons Webinar

Jörg Wiemer, CSO and Co-Founder of TIS, presents its corporate payments solution to the Treasury Dragons.

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