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Success Story

“Since we introduced TIS, our entire payment runs are fully automated and standardized, which makes our work much easier and increases efficiency.” - Andreas Lützelschwab, Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury & Tax, Swissgrid AG.

New standard in Swiss Payments with enhanced security requirements

Swissgrid is the national grid company in Switzerland, and in its capacity as owner of the transmission system, it ensures the secure, reliable and cost-effective operation of the Swiss high-voltage grid. At seven sites in different regions of Switzerland, the medium-sized company employs over 400 people.

All offices corporate-wide have SAP as ERP system, with the modules TR and CFM in use. The company is operating with around 50 bank accounts and performs all payment transactions with various different national and international banking institutions, each with specific formats and requirements.

Evolved historically, in the past Swissgrid made payments over various, proprietary web solutions. Due to this fact, the company was dealing with high maintenance costs and efforts within IT, as well as the problem of partially lacking know-how and expertise of the historically-grown numerous connections. In the treasury department and in accounting, the manual processes made an efficient and structured working method difficult.

Additional challenges faced by Swissgrid were:

  • No multi bank solution in use
  • High maintenance costs and partially lack of expertise in the Treasury and the IT departments concerning the numerous connections
  • Inefficient working procedures and increased risk of error due to manual processes
  • High security requirements for the new solution

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