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Polytan, AstroTurf, SYNLawn, Laykold, Rekortan, LigaTurf, Poligras, RootZone, Equitan and Stylemaker.

You may have never heard of any of the names listed above. But if you have ever been to a hockey field or a tennis court, there is a good chance that you have set your foot on a surface that comes from Sport Group, the holding company of all the above brands and the world’s largest business dedicated to sport surfaces.

Over the years, it is the company’s strategy to own the supply chain through acquisitions of the leading turf, track, indoor and outdoor sports surface brands in order to remain its leadership position to launch further innovation, keep quality high and costs affordable. One important success factor for improving the return on investment from the acquisitions is to integrate the newly acquired entities as fast as possible at a reasonable cost into the big organization. Treasury usually is the first place to start this process, because payments and cash management are critical for generating the transparency and visibility for the headquarter on the operational performance of the newly acquired.

Download this success story and find out how TIS helps Sport Group integrate the newly acquired, streamline the payment processes, and generate cash visibility, all from one single cloud-based platform.

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