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“With the TIS platform we are harmonizing the organization of our payment transactions over time. We are thus moving away from multiple local solutions towards a global solution for payment transactions from SAP S/4HANA.” Oliver Lindemann, VP Group Treasury & GM Pension Fund, Oettinger Davidoff.

Centralization where it makes sense

The Group Treasury of Oettinger Davidoff AG, based in Basel and responsible for all companywide financing, issues guarantees centrally. As a Financial Shared Service Center, it also organizes all aspects of cash management, including bank administration for Swiss citizens and several German subsidiaries. Although there is no payment center or cash pool, a monthly intercompany netting is performed.

In the past the individual accounts were connected to the ERP system through various e-banking solutions and manual processes. Some banks were even managed manually. Oettinger Davidoff wanted to replace this heterogeneous landscape with a standardized central system which – integrated into SAP – would allow straight-through processing of the primary payment streams from SAP. “We had to invest in a new bank communication platform either way, since after implementation in Europe the Swiss payment transaction system had to then be completely converted to XML standard”, explains Oliver Lindemann. “That’s when we realized we needed a global solution, not a local solution. With the TIS platform, we will save money over time in processing our payment transactions. SAP payment runs for do-mestic and foreign payments are transferred as IDocs to the Bank Transaction Manager and in the new SAP S4/HANA we don’t have to worry about the time-consuming customization of formats”.

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