A Closer Look at Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection

For fraud detection to be effective, your company needs a strong payments security strategy


Why people are the weakest links in cyber security and at the same time the strongest defense against fraud for their company


What are the main differences between fraud prevention and (AI powered) fraud detection in corporate payments


How to build your organization towards better protection against payment fraud

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"We believe that payment security is a much broader topic than payment fraud. Therefore, it can only be a meaningful exercise when it is an integral part of a company’s overall security strategy. It is a journey of continuous learning and improving."

Erol Bozak
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at TIS


Managing Payments’ and Systems’ Risk to Tackle Fraud

Payment fraud is a real headache for CFOs and treasurers in every business.



How to Protect Your Organization

Building a strong defense against CEO fraud in your company