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“The fact that the TIS platform resides entirely inside the cloud means an even higher level of security. This prevents malicious manipulation because the files are on company servers.” - Markus Stenkamp, Head of Treasury, Imperial Logistics.

Compliant because of full transparency of cash positions

As a fully owned subsidiary of the South Africa-based Imperial Holdings Limited, Imperial Logistics International B. V. & Co. KG is responsible for the coordination and control of all international logistics divisions of Imperial Holdings Limited outside of Africa. The service portfolio of Imperial Logistics International, headquartered in Duisburg, is bundled with the divisions Imperial Transport Solutions and Imperial Supply Chain Solutions. Imperial Logistics International has a workforce of 9,000 employees and revenues of €1.6bn at 170 locations.

When a company grows larger and larger due to acquisitions, and the number of companies, banks and accounts keeps increasing, this means it becomes ever more difficult for treasury departments to stay on top of things. This was the case for Imperial Logistics International B. V. & Co. KG. In 2012 the company acquired The Lehnkering Group and at that point represented over 150 legal entities with access to around 200 accounts in some 40 banks, seven cash pools, many different signatory authorities and manual workflows – and the whole process was supposed to be managed without a treasury management system.

Some of the following challenges were solved:

  • A proliferation of bank powers of attorney: Who has signatory authority in which company?
  • No automatic forwarding of payment order from ERP systems to the bank
  • Optimization of security, compliance of all external and internal requirements with compliance rules
  • No transparency of cash flows

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