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GCP Applied Technologies
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Headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts, GCP Applied Technologies (GCPAT) has over 50 years of industry expertise and decades of success in creating new product categories and markets. The world’s most successful architects, producers, builders and contractors rely on GCPAT brands and solutions for their construction projects. The global construction leadership of GCPAT has found its way into over 100 countries.

Find out why GCPAT chose TIS and how your organization can benefit from the following two key takeaways from GCPAT:

  • The forecasting process is only as good as the data that is driving the forecasting model. It’s important to be 100% certain that your forecasting is based on reliable data, and the only way to achieve this is through utilizing a source that provides the full transparency necessary to feel confident in the numbers.
  • Customer experience is key to success. It helps iron out any issues before they arise and guarantees a smooth project roll-out.

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