S/4HANA: Migrating Payments and Bank Connectivity

How to avoid the common pitfalls of an S/4HANA migration plan


The needs of the most important stakeholders during the S/4HANA migration and how to accommodate them for a smooth roll-out


Which common pitfalls of S/4HANA migration plans you need to look out for and how they can be avoided


How decoupling bank connectivity from the ERP migration can help you simplify the scope of the project and use your IT resourced more effectively

“A migration to S/4HANA does not need to involve an evergrowing project scope list alongside a painful attempt at synchronization of activities to reach something resembling a controlled roll-out. Solutions exist through technology providers that can simplify this scope for organizations considerably.”

Erol Bozak
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at TIS


Smart ERP-Rollout

Standardization and automation of payment processes.



Bank Connectivity: A Beginner’s Guide

Build a better business case for bank connectivity.