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Europe-wide payment runs now through ONE platform.

As internationally renowned as Bahlsen’s baked goods are today, as smoothly run the payment processes of the Hanover-based family-owned company. For one year, the Bahlsen Group has been managing payments and bank accounts via the cloud-based platform of TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH). Bahlsen strived for more transparency and security in regard to liquidity and daily cash flows through a central, intuitive and intelligent corporate payment platform.

TIS helped to solve the following challenges:  

  • A decentralized organization with business units in numerous countries worldwide.
  • A lot of manual work and lack of transparency: In each country, Bahlsen had to manually make payments originating from the ERP system, in some cases through separate e-banking tools. As a result, the central treasury department often had no overview showing which payment processes were triggered when by which user and in which country.

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