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Hundreds of accounts. One solution: The TIS payment factory.

Liquidity is often stored in various different accounts. But unfortunately it is not always where it is needed the most. The TIS payment platform enables you to centralize all of your payment flows and processes automatically. So you can do away with surpluses and short term loans.


Treasury management

International and national banking and cash management.


Completely standardized and automated payments.


Risk management

An understandable payment process as the best possible anti-fraud protection.



Cyber-fraud detection. Sanction-list screening.


What is the TIS payment factory?

The central unit of automated payment transactions.

A payment factory stands for the centralization of payment flows. The TIS platform is a solution that can, for example, receive the payment files from the ERP system and, after appropriate authorization, send them securely to banks in accordance with specific regulations. Diverse e-banking systems are thus replaced via a uniform communication pathway to the banks. Companies that use a payment factory achieve more transparency and control over their payments as a result. And they save high interest payments, IT expenses, and time.

One solution, five modules: This is the TIS payment factory

TIS Bank Account Manager

The TIS payment factory consists of five modules. The basis of the module solution is the TIS Bank Account Manager that first organizes, standardizes, and then centralizes your payment transactions. Depending on your needs, you can also integrate four additional modules into the base module of the corporate management solution and completely automate your payment transactions.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager

Automate all payment flows and regulate your transactions.

TIS Bank Statement Manager

The latest analyses: What is the status of your capital and liquidity holdings?

TIS Business Discovery Manager

Cash flow analyses in real time: Decisions made on the basis of your most up-to-date data.

TIS Sanction Screening

100% compliance via daily screening and extra security precautions.


Get a first insight into our solution now!

How much will you save?

You can calculate the possible savings that your company can make by using the TIS payment factory with just a few clicks. Just move the slider to alter the data and calculate your cost-saving potential.

The benefits for you of the TIS payment factory.

Automation, centralization, and cost savings.

Centralization & automation of your payment system: Reduce your accounts and banking relationships.

Achieve the highest level of efficiency via straight through processing and seamless connection to your banks.

Transparent payments via centralized management of all national and international accounts.

Secure payment transactions via the reduction of decentralized accounts.

Higher compliance via standardized payments and regular security screening.

Lower costs: Leaner balances thanks to a higher level of process efficiency and lower financing requirements due to the reduction of the interest burden and time savings.

corporate finance payment factory

Straightforward web integration.

Integrates easily into your processes.

The TIS payment platform, can be used worldwide in just a few days. The web-based solution does not need to undergo complicated incorporation into the IT system. It is simply connected to your existing ERP system with the help of a plug-in. You can import your data seamlessly and optimize your business processes via centralized and automated payment transactions.

Multiple certifications. One-hundred-percent secure.

The TIS payment factory is completely secure.

We have placed great attention on particular security standards during the development of the TIS payment factory and when handling sensitive payment data. The TIS platform has resilient information technology and clear structures and has been certified according to ISO 27001. TIS uses the SWIFT network, as certified partner, to ensure worldwide security. Regular internal and external inspections via, for example, the SOC 2 Report, guarantee up to date and sophisticated security measures. So you can always be certain that your data are being handled in a responsible manner.

corporate finance payment factory

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