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TIS Partner Academy – Regular training to our global partners.

As part of our partnership engagement and enablement efforts we provide regular training to our global partners – the TIS Partner Academy.

The TIS Partner Academy pursues two objectives:

  1. Enable our partners to leverage the TIS platform to grow and continuously evolve their business in-line with the latest market trends
  2. Provide our partners with the technical knowledge to grow your expertise in corporate payments through the example of TIS solutions

If you wish to know more about the TIS Partner Academy and consider participating in one of our upcoming events, please get in touch via the registration form.

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Agreements with Partners

TIS has developed partnerships and strategic alliances with leading consultancy firms, treasury & cash management specialists, technology and financial companies worldwide. With partners in the TIS Together Partner Program we cover EMEA, AMERICAS and APAC, both in knowledge and technology. Where partners such as SAP, leading banks and consulting firms are just some of the most significant companies, TIS services customers like VW, BMW GROUP, STAPLES, DACHSER, OSRAM and many more for many years.

Together with our TIS certified partners we enable distribution and implementation of our products and solutions. This is why we can say that we are always able to offer each customer the best Cloud Platform for managing Corporate Payments, Liquidity and Bank Relationships.

Welcome to the TOGETHER™ Partner Program. At TIS we are continuously exploring innovative ways to strengthen our relationship within our current and (new) international markets. As a TIS partner, you are empowered to better compete and increase your profitability when you advise, integrate or sell the TIS platform and services. In partnering with TIS you have the ability to grow a sustainable business for managing corporate payments and cash flows worldwide.

Develop new opportunities. With our marketing, sales, technical support and learning resources you can capitalize on rapidly growing. Do not miss out on our 50% year on year growth in established or emerging markets.

Simplify current solutions. With our SaaS platform, there is no need to maintain other programs, bank channels and bank connections. The need for highly skilled technical resources is very limited, making it easy to do business.

Performance reward. The Together partner program is our reflection of our appreciation and support for your efforts. Through our incentive programs you have several ways to earn rewards based on performance.

Together Partners are partners whose primary business model is value-added reselling and/or services delivery with the TIS platform. The Together Partner Program offers you as a partner the components to grow your business through the program.

What do we bring together?

Grafik von TIS und seinen Vorteilen

Together Partner Profiles

The Together Partner Program has four programmatic partnership profiles: Referral Partner, Service Partner, Platform Partner and Embedded Partner. The Referral Partner profile is the typical entry point into the program. Platform Partner is the most extensive profile category of partnership. New partners are generally admitted at the Service Partner profile when their business is in consulting. The Platform Partner profile is suited for parnters used to selling products or solutions in their own organization. Which partner profile is best for you? Speak with us – we will determine the perfect fit of the partner puzzle for each of our partners.

  • Refers opportunities to TIS and receives incentives to do so
  • Supports TIS during the on-boarding and rollout of the project with consulting services
  • Can be requested by TIS and/or carries out own acquisition
  • Partner is often an advisor to the customer and provides consulting services
  • Creates opportunities and is capable of winning/closing customers with the TIS platform
  • Provides consulting services on the TIS platform and/or consulting services on treasury/financials
  • Receives a margin for reselling the TIS platform
  • Is the first contact for the customer regarding services and setup/usability of the TIS platform
  • Offering for ISV and banks
  • Enhances partner’s solution by integrating the TIS platform into your solution or platform
  • To generate additional revenue and/or more customer lock-in by adding the TIS platform
  • Use of our library of over 9.000 connections to banks all around the world

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