Payments are the centerpiece of cash flows —

the lifeblood of your business.

Inbound Outbound Payments

Most companies have invested
heavily in streamlining inbound
payments in an effort to accelerate
cash inflows.
But, most corporations have done little
to optimize outbound payments.

Outbound Payments

Outbound Payments Silos

Leaving each function, system and
geography siloed, with no clear
insight into cash flows or a
holistic view of liquidity – putting
the business at risk.

TIS delivers the outbound payments technology platform

you need to close these gaps…

serving as the hub for
your global enterprise
payment network

breaking down silos across
people, processes
and data

delivering efficiency,
agility and

Delivering the capabilities and insight you need to lower

risk and effectively manage your global cash flows.

Outbound Payments Process Flow

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