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Treasury Intelligence Solutions Inc. - 1 Broadway 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

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Because payment information
is particularly sensitive, TIS is particularly safe.

TIS meets highest security requirements. The data security of the platform and suppliers is ISO 27001-certified - integration into SAP ERP systems is certified by SAP SE.


SAP Certification

The TIS SaaS solutions are officially certified by SAP AG and bear the “SAP Certified – Integration with SAP Applications” seal.

  • With this certification, SAP AG confirms that the TIS SaaS solutions are compatible with SAP Business Suite in terms of availability, security, reliability and performance, and integrate seamlessly into SAP ERP systems.
  • The result is a smooth flow of data from SAP software to the TIS SaaS solutions “Bank Account Manager” and “Bank Transaction Manager” for payments, account statements and cash management.
  • The TIS cloud solution is also available through the SAP Online Store.
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Maximum security standards at TIS with ISO certification

  • System security and availability ISO 27001 certified for data security
  • High service level: 99% availability guaranteed
  • Data protection to comply with Section 11 of the German Data Protection Act
  • Operation of the productive servers at Interxion’s ISO 27001 certified data centre in Frankfurt with redundant Internet access
  • Access via the customer interface with SSL encryption
  • Administrative functions exclusively accessible via VPN and for authorised TIS administrators
  • Payment data: transmission via HTTPS with mutual certificate authentication
  • Infrastructure monitoring collects information continuously about networks, servers, operating systems and application levels
  • Frequent internal audits to ensure highest industry security standards in all processes
  • Frequent risk evaluations and detailed internal documentation about security-related topics
  • Frequent external security tests (security audits) conducted by fully independent external security specialists

SWIFT certification

swift certificate

SWIFT Certified for TIS Bank Transaction Manager (BTM)

TIS has been Certified by SWIFT for connectivity with local and global banks for Corporates – Cash Management over the SWIFT Network. This certification label is awarded after successful technical and functional validations by SWIFT experts.

payment transactions

SWIFT Certified Specialist

Curious about how we can support you? We have a great team ready to tackle your project. Reach out to us and we will put you in touch with one of our SWIFT certified specialists.