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Sales growth has averaged 75% per annum since the company was founded

We interpret this a proof of the confidence our customers have in us

Your payment experts

Since 2010, we at Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH have been combining our treasury management experience and know-how with our cloud computing and virtualisation expertise. The TIS solution is the result of these efforts: comprehensive, highly scalable and extremely secure SaaS solution to process, analyse and document all treasury management processes.

Implementing the solution as a web application delivers critical advantages for our international operating customers, such as the fastest possible integration times, immediate worldwide roll outs and problem-free updates. ISO 27001 certification and SAP certificates evidence the platform’s high security and deep integration with existing ERP systems.

The TIS solution has been deployed successfully at medium-sized and large corporate customers such as Fujitsu, DACHSER, BearingPoint, and VW for years.

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH is financed by Target Partners, Zobito and SAP. The company is growing very quickly as a result of how well the market has received it, and excellent feedback from customers.

Our management

TIS CEO Erik Masing (left) has over 20 years of experience in founding, leading and investing in innovative, growth-oriented SaaS companies. Jörg Wiemer (middle) has more than 20 years of experience in treasury and corporate finance and is TIS Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Erol Bozak (right) is TIS Chief Product Officer (CPO) and the holder of numerous national and international patents in are virtualization and cloud computing.

Erik Masing, CEO

Dipl.-Kaufmann Erik Masing, MBA, is TIS CEO and responsible for Sales, Marketing and HR in TIS. He has more than 20 years of experience in founding, leading and investing in innovative, growth-oriented SaaS companies around the globe such as alfabet AG, Ipanema S.A and Lumeon Plc.

“Globalization drives digitalization of payments. We provide the infrastructure for secure and smart payments around the globe both for CFOs and treasury teams in corporations and also for banks as business enabler.”

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Erol Bozak, CPO

Dipl.-Informatiker Erol Bozak, MBA, is co-founder of TIS and CPO of TIS. He is responsible for product development and services. As a former director in technology development at SAP AG, he possesses extensive experience in the development of management systems, including virtualization and cloud computing.

“The pace of technology is fast, and so are we. The more challenges and input we get from people like you, the better we can make our platform – for you, and with you.”

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Jörg Wiemer, CSO

Dipl.-Kaufmann Jörg Wiemer, MBA, is co-founder and CSO of TIS. Jörg draws on more than 20 years of experience in the treasury and corporate finance area, with his most recent previous appointment being Senior Vice President and Head of Global Treasury at SAP AG, where he and his team were responsible for international treasury management.

“You can’t manage what you can’t see. Why do it yourself when over 150 companies already found a way to make smarter decisions in payments through increased transparency with TIS?”

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Other members of the TIS management team

Steven Batiste
Chief Technology Officer

Bastienne Foeller
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Daniela Maruhn, CFA
VP Global Customer Success

Dr. Thomas Wiese
VP Sales Europe

Stefan Berndt
Head of HR

Markus Holzmüller
VP Sales

Wotan von Klass
Director of Engineering

Stefan Kleine
Head of Marketing

Martin Lehmann
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jari Pesonen TIS

Jari Pesonen
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)