Protect Your Organization From Fraud. Rely on TIS.


Payment security is a much broader topic than just fraud. Therefore, payment fraud prevention or detection can only be a meaningful exercise when it is an integral part of a company’s overall payment security strategy. While it is not necessary to centralize your actual payments’ process to prevent fraud, it is key to bring all functions and information together using a single payments’ gateway.

The biggest fraud threat may not be outside your company.

After extensive discussions with many clients as well as experts in the field of fraud and cybercrime, TIS has prepared for CFOs and treasurers a list of recommendations to avoid payment fraud.

Download the executive briefing from TIS and get the full list of our recommendations.


Managing payments’ and systems’ risk to tackle fraud.

While companies will often spend time and budget looking for the next generation, “data-driven toolkit”, they may fail to recognize the need for a well-planned and well-constructed infrastructure with principles in place to ensure an effective defense against fraud.

In this Factsheet, we present four building blocks that TIS has designed for its cloud-based platform to support payment security.


How to set up proper controls for fraud prevention.

The success story of Imperial Logistics

With the TIS payment platform, Imperial Logistics can monitor all firm-wide signatory rights, stopping fraud before it happens.