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Know where the money goes.

It is difficult for the treasurer to maintain an overview of thousands of bank accounts, diverse banks across multiple countries. TIS reduces the burden on your treasury and ensures your payment transaction.


Homogeneous forecast

Reliable financial planning for the coming months.

Better risk management

Security and control due to central financial management.

Sound strategies

Relief from administration. More time for your strategic tasks.

Simple reports

Pre-analyzed data and structured overview of all figures.

The struggle with non-transparent e-banking systems.

No success without solid data.

Treasurers coordinate the liquidity of your company. To that end, they need extensive and up-to-date financial expertise. But administration steals valuable time, which is essential for daily strategic tasks. Often there is insufficient time to become acquainted with an issue at one’s leisure. Moreover, liquidity planning is the result of maintained, up-to-date and, above all, transparent figures. A prerequisite present in only a very few companies. Numerous e-banking systems and manual payment processes complicate a transparent payment transaction. TIS has developed a solution to reduce the burden on treasurers and to safeguard them against financial risks: the TIS Bank Account Manager. A platform for all company accounts.

Benefits of the TIS Bank Account Manager for treasurers.

Transparency, risk minimization, and cost savings:

A single platform: Manage clients’ address data, bank accounts and all payment processes from a central location.

Transparent financial information: All data are stored in software in a standardized way.

Secure payment transaction: More control due to transparency. More compliance due to regular screening of sanction lists.

Relief from administration: Automation of the transactions by connecting the platform to the ERP and TMS systems.

Time for strategies due to simplified and structured processes.

Real-time analytics to make up-to-date and informed decisions.

Compatibility: Thanks to SaaS technologies, it is compatible with any ERP systems.

Lower costs: Hardly any IT expenditure and maintenance, a lower interest burden due to fewer accounts and a great savings potential due to a transparent payment transaction.

Simplified payments. Comprehensive compliance. Satisfied treasury: BearingPoint and TIS

“The implementation of the TIS Bank Account Manager and Bank Transaction Manager solutions (TIS cloud platform) had a great influence on our options for monitoring and analyzing all payments and bank accounts in companies. The ability to collect and evaluate data in real time has high priority at BearingPoint and is the reason why we are collaborating with TIS to introduce its business intelligence solution.”

Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer,

Simplified payments. Comprehensive compliance. Satisfied treasury: BearingPoint and TIS

Smart integration through SaaS.

No maintenance. Extensive compatibility.

The TIS cloud platform is completely web-based. For you this means: No costly integration in your business processes and less expenditure in terms of costs and time for your IT. A plug-in connects the cash management solution to your ERP systems in an uncomplicated way. In this way, all data can be managed and communicated independently of the bank. Save high maintenance costs through a SaaS solution and benefit from a centralized platform that is accessible everywhere on the desktop or by mobile connection.

treasury management

treasury management

Guaranteed security of your sensitive data.

Multiple certifications that are regularly externally audited.

We take the issue of security and data protection seriously. We want to make the management of cash as simple as possible, but also as secure as possible. For this reason, external experts regularly check the TIS solution, for example using the SOC2 procedure. TIS works exclusively with reliable information technology and audited data centers, as well as being certified according to ISO 27001. As a certified SWIFT partner, the international payment transaction reachability is guaranteed. For further questions on the issue of security, we have created a separate information page that describes all the certifications in detail.

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