Central cash management

.Clear administration of the whole financial process.

Secure payments

.Minimization of errors through transparency and automation.

Sound strategies

Detailed analysis of financial data in real time for optimal strategies.

Simpler reports

Easy data processing with the aid of business intelligence.


TIS for CFOs: the battle with too many access points.

No multi-bank solution.

As a CFO, you not only have to think about the administration of funds, keeping books, and finance and liquidity planning. Communication with banks and strategic partners is a focus of the extensive area of responsibility. Yet in day-to-day business, operational work often keeps the CFO from dealing with strategic targets. For this, TIS has delved into its far-reaching practical experience to look for a solution. And found one: the TIS Bank Account Manager.

Benefits for CFOs with the TIS Bank Account Manager.

Transparency, risk minimization, and cost savings:

Centralization & automation of the payment system. No more individual e-banking solutions.

Simple communication: Automatic formatting, connectivity, straight-through processing, and electronic exchange of account statements to banks.

Highlevel of security due to greater transparency, traceability, the reduction of decentralized accounts, and increased compliance.

More efficiency due to new, simplified, and structured processes.

Up-to-date status overview of all the payment processes.

Quick implementation using a web-based solution.

Lower costs: No high maintenance costs, lower financing requirements due to the reduction of the interest burden.

Web-based technology.

Easy integration. No maintenance. Low implementation costs.

The core platform of TIS, the Bank Account Manager, and its four modules are all web based and therefore seamlessly integrate with your business processes. With the help of a TIS certified plug-in, the cash management solution is connected to the current ERP system, meaning that all data can be managed, standardized, and automated through one single source of truth. The TIS solution also guarantees that a continuous adaptation to new framework conditions is ensured. There are no high maintenance costs and the challenging amount of connections to banks are solved in an uncomplicated manner. The workload for your IT department is reduced and you save high maintenance costs.




Certified security.

Best data protection, highest security measures, high transparency.

Payment data is very sensitive, so we treat it very responsibly and protect it using many security measures. We pay attention to reliable information technology, audited data centers, and have our structures regularly optimized by external experts. Furthermore, TIS is ISO 27001 certified, meaning it works according to international standards. To show you exactly how your data is safeguarded, we have created a separate information page that describes all the certifications in detail.


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