Clever Compliance Management with transparent payment processes.

TIS Sanction Screening. One tool, greater security.

The more your business grows, the greater the number of business contacts. When your network of business relationships has developed over years and decades, it is not easy to keep track of everyone. And the list of those you cannot do business with is long. It is updated daily, as national security precautions, trade barriers, and sanctions change constantly.

As a company, you are responsible for all your processes. The legal liability for money laundering and terrorist financing, whether intentional or accidental, lies with your company and, depending on your position, even with you personally. A system that verifies your business relationships is therefore essential. After all, non-compliance is often more expensive than compliance itself.

100% Compliance

Scan all business areas with a single screening tool. This Is how you can protect your company and yourself, both legally as politically.

Real-time screening

Benefit from real-time data from global and national sanction lists, customized lists and blacklists through continuous review.

Seamless integration

Conveniently link all your payment processes and ERP systems seamlessly to the TIS Sanction Screening cloud solution.

One price

No hidden costs thanks to single fees per payment. You will be able to use the TIS Sanction Screening in full mode.

Automated payment processes with the TIS Bank Account Manager. One solution. All banks.

TIS Bank Account Manager.

The basis for TIS Sanction Screening is the TIS Bank Account Manager. Legal certainty and adherence of compliance principles can only be ensured by a centralized and consistent management of all bank account related information. And that is exactly what a One-Stop-Platform allows you to do. The Bank Account Manager allows you to secure your payment processes, organize both authorization processes for account openings and changes in the access authorization rights, and always provides you with a comprehensive overview of your records.

compliance management

The bank statement of the future.

TIS Bank Statement Manager.

Bank statement management is complex. The more manual work is involved, the higher the risk of errors. The solution to this is automating the formatting and conversion of bank statements. The TIS Bank Statement Manager simplifies administrative work and even transfers completed bank statements immediately to subsequent Treasury and ERP systems. This saves you considerable costs, reduces the security risk, and gives you more time for strategic tasks.

Finally Efficient: Organized Automation.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager.

Does this sound familiar? Supplier, salary and treasury payments are inefficient and slow. Many payment processes lack transparency and security. The TIS Bank Transaction Manager (BTM) manages and automates all types of transactions on a single platform tailored to your payment processes.

compliance management

compliance management

Real-time Analysis: Transparent Cash Flow.

TIS Business Discovery Manager.

Keep an eye on the pulse of your company! The TIS Business Discovery Manager analyzes your cash flows in real-time and helps you make better those important decisions, given that many companies rely on historical data. How high were the expenses and income? What costs did I incur? But you should be able to have both your past and your future under control.

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