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Success guaranteed, through transparency and control.

The TIS Business Discovery Manager offers insight and clarity about every financial process, no matter how big your company is. It creates transparency by providing automated evaluations about cash flows and cash positions as well as additional real time reports about bank, customer, and supplier relationships and the working capital. So it detects business risks before you do. That lets you apply yourself to strategic tasks and make better decisions that drive business growth. And do it at any time, day or night. It answers important questions at any time, such as the working capital of a foreign subsidiary.


Document every financial procedure at your company. And achieve an unbeatable degree of transparency.


Comprehensive knowledge

By recording all the past and present procedures, you will always get the answer to all your questions.

Less risk

Facilitate, ensure, and improve your planning by means of automated warnings of possible business risks.


User friendly

Seamless integration and easy use. The SaaS solution can be easily integrated in your IT structure.


Financial security using smart software solutions.

With the TIS Business Discovery Manager you can analyze all the finances and easily keep an overview of them. Yet the basis of this comprehensive feature is the TIS Bank Account Manager. It allows all your finances to be centralized on one platform. So besides the TIS Business Discovery Manager, there are some additional modules that revolutionize your finance management.

The center of account management.

TIS Bank Account Manager.

Success, steady growth, and increasing internationality inevitably entail complicated and escalating account management. The TIS Bank Account Manager offers an intelligent solution for this, which prevents errors. It provides an accurate overview of all account details and enables all the company accounts to be conveniently managed from one platform. Even protracted approval processes or changing access rights are made simpler by digitization. It provides the basis for all functioning workflows and makes our customers’ structures much simpler.

business analytics

The digitization of the account statement.

TIS Bank Statement Manager.

Anyone wanting to successfully manage accounts is unable to get past tedious account statements. Endless files or paper in the widest range of formats and hours of sorting and filing are unavoidable – or are they?
With the TIS Bank Statement Manager, all that is a thing of the past. The automated formatting and conversion of any type of account statement saves unnecessary work, prevents errors, and minimizes costs. In addition, it can be linked with subsequent treasury systems, to which your account statements are sent directly.

Out of sight, on the platform.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager.

The TIS Bank Transaction Manager effortlessly keeps all cash flows together and organizes them automatically. Regardless of whether this involves a regular salary payment, invoices to suppliers or customers. By being connected to your systems, it extracts the data itself and coordinates the cash flows reliably and without errors. In this way you enjoy a reduced workload and have the reassuring feeling of control at all times.

business analytics

business analytics

Trust made easy.

TIS Sanction Screening.

While your business is growing, as a business person you come into contact with countless people, and business relationships can be worthwhile and helpful. Yet how do you know whether you can trust a new business partner? TIS Sanction Screening does the job for you. Our tool sheds light on every contact and matches it in real time against up-to-date sanctions and black lists. As a result, the political and legal security of your company can be guaranteed at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about TIS Business Discovery Manager

Detects business risks before you do. Do you know all the past, current, and future financial processes at your company? And in each department as well? Do you know about every cash flow, every bank connection, inflows and outflows of funds, and your cash position? Finances are an important part of all departments. It is often difficult to keep a complete overview. But beware: Financial intransparency entails major business risks, which are usually detected much too late. Even losing control for a short time in just one area can have an impact on business. And even if it does not come to that because you just manage to keep things together by using clever Excel tables, this can often make work more difficult for your colleagues. Because figures that are not accurate to the minute distort decision-making processes and delay them.

  • Evaluation of cash flow, liquidity and working capital
  • Identification of business risks
  • List of all financial procedures in detail
  • Finance and controlling: Answers questions about liquidity, cash flow and working capital
  • Accounting: Transparency about the payment processes of suppliers and customers
  • Sales: Information about payment behavior of customers
  • Purchasing: Overview of amount of all payments to suppliers, bank accounts, and ERP systems

Yes, only combined with other solutions from TIS can the potential of the TIS Business Discovery Manager be fully exploited. The TIS Business Discovery Manager only works when combined with the base platform, the TIS Bank Account Manager, which centralizes your finances overall.

The application of the TIS Business Discovery Manager is flexible, meaning that it easily adapts to other systems, and no changes are necessary in bank details and systems. For example, it can be integrated in SAP using a simple plug-in. Customers’ own business analysis tools are also supported.

Yes! The TIS Business Discovery Manager is subject to the data security certification according to ISO 27001. Your data is thus secure in the tool and will not be passed on to third parties unintentionally. More about security and data protection

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