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TIS Bank Transaction Manager
How transparent are your numbers?

Automate international cash and liquidity management with the TIS multi-bank Payment and Analytics Platform. For full visibility and control over your transactions.


TIS Bank Transaction Manager. One solution, all payments.

Automate your payment transactions.

The solution is a single platform where you can clearly control and manage all transactions, ideally, fully automated, gaining more time for greater strategic tasks.  TIS has realized this solution. With the TIS Bank Transaction Manager, payments are processed and translated automatically. The web-based software automatically collects and transfers, in a secure manner, new payment files from your ERP system, for the selected bank and in the required bank format. With what is known as straight through processing, you not only gain more time, but also security through transparent processes. The result: Overview of all liquidity positions, payment approvals and cash flows in real time.  A strong basis on which you can build long-term and secure decisions.

Full automation

Automatic upload of payment files, processing of bank statements and automatic formatting by connecting to your ERP system.

100% Transparency

Efficient liquidity risk management through the centralized and uniform management of all data and authorizations with one platform.

Seamless integration

No change is required in the banking or system landscape. You can integrate TIS with your IT environment within a few days.

One price

Pay only for the Service, not for each transaction. Once acquired, TIS is always available to you with all its functions.

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Your financial command center.

TIS Bank Account Manager.

TIS offers the capabilities of completely digitalizing your payment transactions.  The basis of our SaaS solution is TIS Bank Account Manager, which you can use to centralize your banking. The Bank Transaction Manager is one of four modules that can be connected to the Bank Account Manager. In addition to the centralized automation of your payment transactions, you can also organize your bank statements, analyze cash flow in real time and check your transactions for compliance.

transaction management

Control statements better.

TIS Bank Statement Manager.

Globally operating companies collect a large number of bank statements from different banks. Often, manual bank statement processes that run through bank-specific e-banking tools cost a lot of time. The TIS Statement Manager standardizes and automates global bank statement collections, while monitoring bank connections and the delivery of bank statements on a dashboard. This will reduce your risk of errors and save not only time, but also high costs for manual administrative activities.

Cash flow and liquidity in real time.

TIS Business Discovery Manager.

You make your decisions today. For tomorrow. But then why are most decisions based on data from the past? The TIS Business Discovery Manager strengthens your decision-making processes. It is a reporting tool that allows you to perform analyses of cash flows and liquidity in real time. This provides you with a realistic and secure foundation for your decisions.

transaction management

transaction management

Secure transactions.

TIS Sanction Screening.

Do you know who you are doing business with? The number of people you are not allowed to do business with is big. Sanctions lists, trade restrictions, etc. change every day. This makes it difficult to keep track of whether transactions are legally watertight. In case of violations you are liable as an individual, a risk that should not be handled lightly. TIS Sanction Screening scans your transactions and makes you 100% compliant so you always know whether your business relationship is secure.

Swissgrid AG - The Success Story

As Switzerland’s national grid company, Swissgrid is responsible for the safe and cost-effective operation of the Swiss high-voltage grid. More than 400 employees work every day at seven locations to ensure that everything works perfectly. To adapt its payment transactions to the high security requirements in the Swiss market, Swissgrid has chosen TIS and gains more efficiency through new simplified and structured processes.

How exactly the integration of the Bank Account and Bank Transaction Manager worked and how the further use of the software went is described in our case study.

– Andreas Lützelschwab, Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury & Tax, Swissgrid AG

– Andreas Lützelschwab, Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury & Tax, Swissgrid AG
How exactly the integration of the Bank Account and Bank Transaction Manager worked and how the further use of the software went is described in our case study.
“The web-based architecture of the cloud solution from TIS convinced us.
Implementations of SaaS solutions are much faster than traditional IT projects. In addition, TIS platform has a high degree of stability, availability and future security in the face of changing conditions in the Swiss market.”

Swissgrid AG - The Success Story


Frequently Asked Questions about TIS Bank Transaction Manager.

Cash chaos is a global problem. Treasury departments of global corporations often face the challenge of coordinating multiple bank accounts with multiple ERP, HR and treasury systems. As a result, payments in many companies are inefficient and slow. The administrative costs are enormous, the error rate by manual payments high. The result: There is a lack of transparency and security. A risk that is dangerous to business success.

  • More time: Payment transactions are standardized and automated. This gives you back your time for greater strategic tasks
  • More security: Automated payments are less error-prone than manual ones, and quality control through the four-eye principle
  • More transparency: Payment and bank statement processes become efficient and transparent
  • More control: Understand all banking relationships, know who has which access and can understand all payment transactions
  • Easy integration: Within a few days, Bank Transaction Manager can be used productively throughout the Group without long IT projects

Your data is sensitive, and we make sure that it is as secure as ours. That’s why we have the highest safety standards.

  • System security and availability certified to ISO 27001 for data security
  • Data protection according to Section 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act
  • We use exclusively ISO 27001 certified data centers Frankfurt with redundant internet access
  • Payment data is only transmitted via HTTPS with mutual certificate authentication
  • Regular audit with external security audits by a fully independent security specialist

TIS Bank Transaction Manager is a module of TIS Bank Account Manager. This means: To use the functions of TIS Bank Transaction Manager, you must have the basic platform, TIS Bank Account Manager. The two solutions go hand in hand and are perfectly coordinated. You have a single platform to manage your payments, and you can extend that platform with additional features such as automated payments and bank statements, a security scan, or real-time analytics.

We are happy to help you with your business case.