Where do your bank statements end up?


TIS Bank Statement Manager. One tool, maximum overview.

Global coverage.

The TIS Bank Statement Manager collects bank account statements from all banks worldwide, automatically formats and converts all account statements and transfers them to the subsequent treasury and ERP systems and, optionally, to other source systems. Bank-specific features in bank statements are automatically adjusted. Account balances and transactions are analyzed by the software and available for analysis and reporting. The automation and standardization of processes significantly reduces costs and facilitates working capital management. The overview of the cash position and all cash flows improves productivity and therefore performance in a sustainable way. Cash flow management means not only mapping local account movements, but also controlling them. By automating and standardizing the processes, you gain more efficiency and safety in your daily work, and you also create free space for strategic tasks.

100% Compliance

Increased efficiency and security through automation and standardization of business processes.

Maximum transparency

Comprehensive control through full transparency and overview of your cash flows and liquidity.

Effortless integration

The seamless connection of TIS Bank Statement Manager to existing systems is what makes us successful.

One price

We don’t charge you individual fees for each payment – we offer you the whole package for a fixed price.

Central management of international transactions. All banks. One software.

TIS Bank Account Manager.

The TIS Bank Statement Manager is closely related to the TIS Bank Account Manager, which enables companies to centrally manage global transactions by controlling all banking relationships and account details. A consolidated view of all relevant details as well as reliable handling of approval processes and authorization applications while ensuring internal and external compliance requirements, creates the highest level of transparency and security throughout the company. Depending on requirements, various other modules can be integrated.

bank transfer

Smart transaction management.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager.

Placing claims, paying bills, making remittances – For businesses, countless payment processes are part of the daily business. The TIS Bank Transaction Manager regulates central administration of all business transactions to keep you from losing the big picture about all the payments.

Keep cash flow under control.

TIS Business Discovery Manager.

Constant cash flows lead to minute-by-minute increase and reduction in all sorts of cash items. To be up-to-date with your own liquidity at all times, the TIS Business Discovery Manager provides you with the instant view in the overall cash flow you need, in real time.

bank transfer

bank transfer

Play it safe with the numbers.

TIS Sanction Screening.

To maintain the highest level of security, in both the business relationships and cooperation with outside entities with which you deal, the TIS Sanction Screening always checks relevant trade restrictions, sanction lists and other regulations that have to be complied with to avoid sanction fees and reputational risk. This key module provides you with the necessary security to safeguard all your corporate activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about TIS Bank Statement Manager.

Digitization of bank statement management. For companies with global reach, keeping track of all their cash flows is an enormous challenge. Not all global transactions are immediately digitally captured and available for analysis. Information about liquidity and individual cash positions must be collected from all branches and banks with high costs. In addition to country-specific data formats and multilingual systems, the challenges also include subsidiaries with different ERP or proprietary systems. The manual effort of consolidation and the associated accounting complexity are very time intensive. Most important information is collected in a provisional manner. One thing is certain: Efficient management of liquidity and cash flow looks different.

All transaction data and balance information of the account statements are provided. Depending on your requirements, you can filter the liquidity positions and cash flows differently to obtain the information you want – for example, currency, bank, group of companies or other factors.

The TIS Bank Statement Manager is impressive, not just because of its SAP-certified multi-ERP capability, but also its multi-bank and multi-channel capability. As a result, all kinds of information can be integrated and summarized – thus enabling a precise analysis of all cash flows and liquidity items.

Our system is designed to make life easier for internationally active companies. That’s why, as web-based solution with a cloud-based, user-friendly interface, it can be used straight away at any point in time and in any department of the company. The seamless connection to other internal or external systems ensures inclusion of all relevant data for possible analysis.

The standardized and automated processes not only reduce the costs incurred, but also minimize process risks. Changing bank details or ERP systems is no longer necessary. The simplified overview of all cash flows enables companies to look at their liquidity positions much more often. Targeted cash flow analysis provide relevant data for decision-making situations, so you can have better results. This is the basis for successful financial management in the company. Standardization and consolidation of all information makes it possible to reduce costly foreign credits, avoid cash deficits and to flawless use of working capital.

With high security through ISO 270001 certification and formats meeting SEPA ISO 20022 XML conformity, the TIS Bank Statement Manager meets the highest demands for bank statement management. Internal processes, whether for control or compliance assurance, can be created in compliance with all external audit requirements.

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