Secure and centralized bank account management

Stay on top of things – take control of your global bank accounts and international transactions with TIS.


TIS Bank Account Manager. One solution, full transparency.

TIS Bank Account Manager not only provides an accurate overview of the account details and banking relationships of all branches and subsidiaries worldwide, but also provides secure and centralized management of all company-wide accounts, data, signing permissions and documents. This means that authorization requests sent by in-house mail and inquiries to numerous field offices about who has the right to sign what, are a matter of the past. TIS centralizes all account information and easily maps approval processes for account management, as well as changes to access rights, through automated workflows. This minimizes the individual effort required for electronic bank communication.

“Manual account management and paper-based processes are history – centralized management of transactions with all external banks is the future.”

– Jörg Wiemer, CSO Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH

Highest security

The data security of our platform is ISO 27001 and also SOC 2 certified.


Maximum transparency

Countless accounts. Worldwide transactions. Constantly changing access rights. And all the information you want at a glance. In real time!

Seamless integration

It can be connected to all the systems in the company without any problems. Effortless import of all important data.

One price

Once acquired, all functions are available to you — regardless of the number of transactions or users, without any hidden costs.

Custom-made transaction management.

The TIS platform is the foundation and core of our system. As a “single source of truth”, it is the central point of contact for all information about accounts, transactions and authorizations. It enables agile management of global banking relationships via the multilevel user concept. Depending on requirements and company structures, various other modules can be integrated.

Frequently Asked Questions about TIS Bank Account Manager.

Maximum compliance through comprehensive overview. International transactions make it indispensable for large corporations to do business worldwide with multiple different banking institutions. Cross-border salaries to employees, worldwide payment from suppliers or general transactions abroad. Therefore, a large number of people in different positions and in very different locations in the world have access and have signatory permissions for numerous accounts of an international company. Keeping control of all permissions, transactions, accounts and data requires a smart organization. The security of all transactions and compliance with internal and external guidelines are top priorities.

With the TIS Bank Account Manager it is always possible to see which accounts are available in which banking institutions and which persons have signatory powers for them. In order to meet central compliance principles and to respond to fluctuations, access rights can be viewed and reassigned or withdrawn in a timely manner. This not only increases the efficiency of transactions with external entities such as banks, but also optimizes internal processes such as inquiries about responsibilities. Approval processes needed to open new accounts and close old ones are made comprehensible, auditable and transparent at every point by the TIS Bank Account Manager.

Standardization of all account-specific processes and maintenance of all information, not only ensures consistent quality, but also ensures the highest level of security for all areas through requirements that can be set by the system. Of course, the system ensures compliance with all  for internal and external guidelines for banking policy and relationships, with processes documented in an auditable manner. Compliance with internal and external rights management audits can be easily ensured by the system. At the same time, cyber-attacks today pose a major threat to businesses – and make comprehensive risk management a necessary action. Since transaction management is about your cash, we pose great importance to maximum security everywhere.

Minimal! Since the TIS Bank Account Manager is completely web-based, the software can be rolled-out in all locations throughout the Group within a very short time. Importing and integrating existing data is effortless with ease of connection to all company systems.

TIS Bank Account Manager handles many tasks – but that’s not all. Flexible interfaces to bank communication systems through an electronic bank account management extension (eBAM) even allow direct connection of internal processes to banks beyond the usual functions.

financial management bank account management

Numerous bank statements perfectly organized.

TIS Bank Statement Manager.

The management of bank statements is sometimes a complex and often error-prone matter. In companies that operate throughout the world, this can become a balancing act. The administrative and manual effort is minimized by the TIS Bank Statement Manager. The result: Not just less potential for error, but lower costs, greater visibility and more security as well. Also: More efficiency!


Efficient process automation.

TIS Bank Transaction Manager.

Numerous cash flows in and out of companies every day. Minute by minute, bills are settled, claims placed and payments made. To optimally manage this multitude of transactions, the TIS Bank Transaction Manager offers a platform for the administration of all payment processes, individually tailored to your requirements.


financial management bank account management

financial management bank account management

The cash flow in real time.

TIS Business Discovery Manager.

In today’s fast paced world, it’s important not to lose track and keep an eye on your finances. After all, they are the basis for any financing or investment. The TIS Business Discovery Manager provides up-to-the-minute analysis of your cash flows, providing you with the information you need to make your decisions.


Play it safe in business relationships.

TIS Sanction Screening.

In order to always stay on the safe side, when it comes to business relationships, you must constantly pay attention to the most up-to-date sanction lists, trade barriers etc. In extreme cases, you as an individual, not just your company, are liable for violations. With the TIS Sanction Screening we ensure maximum security in real time by checking that all your activities meet current compliance requirements.


financial management bank account management

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