Smart Solutions need smart people

We are always looking for professionals and talented experts who can advance our knowledge and passion: SaaS developers, treasury, financial and ERP experts, as well as business administration graduates.

Active participation

Latest technologies

Financial stability

International character

Pioneers of payments.

The TIS cloud platform enables the management of group-wide payments all over the world. Quickly, easily and securely. We finally make business transactions easy. To make it all possible, a diverse range of developers, people who understand other people, creative minds, financial experts, technology nerds and many, many other people solve new challenges every day. Our secret: Our mindset. We are pioneers who revolutionize the world of payments.

And it is fun!

Glühbirne, um die sich ein Netzwerk bildet

Team spirit

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Diverse tasks


Career Opportunities

Product & Engineering

Cloud Software Architect
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Software Engineer
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Full Stack Developer
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Product Owner
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Product Owner /ERP Integration/
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Technical Product Owner
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Windows Cloud Operations Engineer
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Customer Success & PreSales

Senior PreSales Consultant - Customer Success
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Senior Customer Success Manager
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Senior Customer Success Manager / SAP Finance Expert
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Senior Customer Success Manager
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Customer Success Operations Manager
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Sales & Marketing

Business Dev. Representative Outbound
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Information Security

Security Operations Lead
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People & Organisation

Finance Operations Specialist
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100 % passion.

Our success is built on the motivation, skills and satisfaction of our team. It is very important to us that the internal atmosphere is also perceived externally, so that we are able to get even more talented people interested in us and bring them into our team. 100 % recommendations, for more than 50 evaluations – each more individual than the last. We would like to say thank you!

Are there no suitable positions?

You know what you can do and what you want: We would be very happy for you to take the first step and show us how you want to make a difference using your abilities.

Send us your application.

Stefan Berndt

Head of HR

André Marko

HR Business Partner

Velko Penev

HR Generalist

Plamena Grigorova

Talent Acquisition Specialist