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Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) by our CEO Joerg Wiemer

Dear customers, prospects and business partners,

We wanted to keep all of our customers, prospective customers and partners informed on some temporary changes at TIS in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ve made the decision to temporarily institute a mandatory work-from-home policy for all of our employees globally in order to ensure their health and well-being. If you need to reach a representative at TIS that you are working with it will be best to contact them on either their mobile phone or by email.

We hope that everyone is staying safe during these difficult times and we continue to wish for a rapid reversal of the current pandemic trend. During times like these, it’s easy to see why business continuity planning is so important. Yes, it’s important that business can go on as normal but even more important that employers are able to offer their employees safe working accommodation without needing to worry about business interruptions. For this reason, we’re feeling extra grateful to be a part of the cloud-hosted, SaaS space – enabling our customers and their employees to access their data and perform business critical processes no matter where they are working from.

We also wanted to remind everyone to be on high alert for fraud attempts during these abnormal times, particularly BEC attempts which are expected to spike dramatically. The fraudsters are very aware that many companies are resorting to abnormal processes as they institute work-from-home policies and that this presents an opportunity for intrusion. The best protection against payment fraud is standardization of processes through technology use as well as having a central point of visibility for all payment transactions. If you lack the technology to allow for this during the time when you’ve enacted your business continuity plan, it may be wise to implement some interim measures to ensure fraud risk is minimized.

Meanwhile, lets also look into the future and prepare ourselves and the businesses for any upcoming events.

I wish you all the best. Stay healthy.

Joerg Wiemer

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH
Treasury Intelligence Solutions Inc.

(publication of statement: March 17, 2020)

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