COVID-19: An important Update from TIS on Business Continuity

Dear Customers,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we want to let you know that TIS has a comprehensive plan in place to ensure the highest level of security, availability and support.

We place the highest priority on the health and wellbeing of all TIS employees and their families, our customers, partners and the communities that everyone of us is a part of. Therefore, we follow closely the guidance issued by international and domestic authorities.

TIS Services and Availability
TIS does not expect any disruption with regards to Customer Support or availability of our services. Our business is in line with all SLAs and we are ready to offer high quality services in all areas.

TIS Solution is Mission Critical for our Customers!
The TIS solution covers a “mission critical process” for all customers. Payment processes need to be up and running all the time – otherwise companies face an existential risk. We are proud to offer our customers the same level of stability, security, transparency and the flexibility for their cash management as before.

Our Business Continuity Action Plan
TIS has a business continuity plan in place as part of our regular Information Security Management System in order to maintain uninterrupted service also in pandemic situations. This continuity plan is audited and tested regularly. Below is a brief overview of all the actions and measures in the current situation to mitigate potential impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. We are closely monitoring developments concerning the pandemic and will continuously review and adapt these measures based on these developments:

1. Care for the team:
All our employees are encouraged to follow the official recommendations to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and healthy. We ensure that every member of our team who needs help will get the help from TIS.

2. Travel restrictions:
Business and domestic travel is kept to minimum. Business critical travel is reviewed and approved case by case by the leadership team.  All non-essential travel is suspended.

3. Collaboration:
We are asking our teams to work with customers through digital channels as much as they can. We have postponed all in-person events and we are turning some of them into virtual events to keep our employees engaged.

4. Working from home (WFH) policy:
Already since 16th March, 2020 TIS has implemented a mandatory work-from-home policy for all of our employees globally. As a company specialized in cloud technology, we are confident that this shift has a rather small impact on our daily operations. We continue to deliver our highest levels of performance and availability.

All future important updates can be found in the NEWS section of our Customer Support Portal:

Should you have any questions, concerns or further requests, the best to reach us is to open a ticket at

Our company was founded on the core values of “Collaboration, Empowerment, Excellence and Innovation”. These values have brought us all together and continue to guide us in everything we do. We are well established in the market and have earned the trust of many customers over the last 10 years. The outstanding success of TIS is driven by a high customer satisfaction, a very well diversified customer base and long term relationships with customers generating sustainable recurring revenues.

Best regards,
Your TIS Leadership Team