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The impact of PSD2 on payment transactions and its effect on treasury

This September the new EU directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) came into force. It is an extension of the Payment Services Directive, which was intended to harmonize the rules for payment products and services. Although this amendment affects every consumer who uses online payment services, and although sufficient notice has been given in advance [...]

Bank Account Management – A treasurer’s guide

Risk and liquidity management are top of mind for treasurers in today’s business climate highlighting the importance of bank accounts. They are necessary to pay, receive and store money and also to protect resources and facilitate treasury management. Companies must have at least one bank account, some have hundreds and a few require thousands of [...]

5 career tips for successful treasurers

Treasurers – the guardians of money – play an important role in all companies. They work to regulate the flow of money by taking a more modern and contemporary approach than ever before. Here we say: Goodbye cash in the closet and hello digital possibilities of the 21st century! At the same time, however, there [...]

Interview with CEO Jörg Wiemer by CIOReview

In today’s era where the face of IT is changing drastically, enterprises are facing a multitude of challenges germane to regulation, risk management, and most importantly performing business to business payments. Having served as senior vice president and global treasury veteran at SAP, Jörg Wiemer, the CEO and Co-founder of Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) highlights [...]

Cyber Security and Business Intelligence

Fintech Hotseat – AFP 2017:  Alongside smaller companies, there are still many medium and large sized companies that have not yet implemented real-time monitoring of their payment processes. The result? These organizations then fail to discover missing cash until the end of the month. In this interview during the AFP Conference 2017 Giancarlo Laudini, SVP [...]

Optimizing Payment Transactions in 5 Steps

Definition of Payment Transactions Payment transactions: The organization of money circulation, financial linking of people and countries and ultimately, the sum of all payment procedures. They are one of the most important economic transactions and since all times have provided us with order and structure, but at the same time they have been a nuisance, [...]

Payment Fraud – How companies can protect themselves

Information about the opportunities and risks of digitalization is widely spread. In general, risks occur when there is a chance of losing a competitive advantage or falling behind.  However, one of the biggest risks is without doubt cybercrime. Attacks on IT systems worldwide increased yet again by 38 percent in 2015, according to the consulting [...]