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Treasury Intelligence Solutions Inc. - 1 Broadway 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

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Find out what makes TIS the worldwide leading cloud platform for the management of group-wide payments. Smart Payments - Better Decisions.

TIS - the smart payments platform for better decisions

Clever Compliance Management with transparent payment processes.

TIS centralizes Sanction Screening and integrates it into your payment process. Minimize risks to ensure maximum security.

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Your role, your benefits.

How can we help you with your business case?


TIS gives you complete control of all bank accounts and cash flows, standardises and automates your processes, and prepares meaningful analyses and reports in real-time at the push of a button.


Liquidity and cash flows are your company's lifeblood. TIS helps you to keep these vital elements up-to-date and transparent at a glance – freeing up your time for strategic, proactive operations.


Make your systems ready for your company's development and growth. Our secure SaaS platform connects all your banks and all your ERP systems – without requiring any time-consuming and expensive IT projects.

Accounting and Shared Services

Bundle your recurring payment and account statement transactions into one user-friendly web application. TIS is flexible, meaning it adjusts easily to your systems and processes. The result? Your SSC projects lead to faster, more successful results.

The TIS revolution

TIS reduces complexity in payment transactions and combines your ERP systems and TMS solutions directly with all banks – within a single, highly scalable and audit-proof SaaS solution.

What’s the secret behind TIS?

Sales growth has averaged 66% per annum since the SaaS company was founded
  • Bank Account Management
  • Corporate Payments
  • Business Discovery
  • Liquidity & Cashflow
  • Smart ERP Integration
  • Security and Certification

TMS is not enough – you need TIS.

One tool is enough. TIS reduces the administration of bank accounts to a single SaaS solution. Transparency and compliance increase while costs and risks significantly decrease. You can finally manage even thousands of bank accounts while keeping a clear overview.

Stop guessing. Start strategising.

Do you trust your treasury data? Are the reports you create still manual and prone to error? Get a grip on the forecasts and reports you and your team need to make better decisions. Harness the power of business intelligence – all in the cloud.

No complex IT projects. Direct ERP integration.

TIS is ready to use within days thanks to standard ERP interfaces and a wealth of bank formats and connectors. Ask us about the banks we already connect with and the simple steps needed for your payments optimisation project to be up and running.

We love turning complex into clear. Let’s work on your business case.

Are you struggling to keep up with the number of bank accounts, e-banking tools, TMS and ERP tools in your complex IT landscape? What about the current costs of having so many potentially redundant user and usage fees? Start the discussion with TIS, and let’s find out how to optimise your payments processes and your costs.

10,000 banks connected
652 bn processed payment volume
79 countries where we operate
75 % annual growth rate

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